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Thank you for visiting our website.  We recently adopted six children from Latvia! They are a sibling group, ages five through thirteen. We have four birth children of equivalent ages, so we’ve quickly become a family of twelve!

orphan_tshirt_finalWe hosted the children over Christmas 2013 and after seven months of paperwork, we  traveled to Latvia for most of August 2014 and brought them home with us! We now have a cozy 10 kids at home.  Lesley returned for our third (!) trip to Latvai in March 2015 to finalize the adotpion and the processing of our children as US citizens! Praise God. 

The blogs Ranger Christianity and Deciding to Adopt God’s Word explain our decision to adopt.  The post Celebrating Life! describes our recent return home and Countless Blessings gives thanks for God doing it all.

We have an email group, private Facebook page and a secured website ( where we share details, photos and prayer requests.  Please email us at if you would like to be added to the email list and/or provided access to the website. The most content and pictures are on Facebook.  Send Tony or Lesley a friend request on FB and message if you would like to be added.

The kids are doing great.  Mom and dad are blessed! Adoption is trying for all involved.  We covet your love and prayers. Please pray that God gives us His strength, wisdom and a double blessings of His patience and love.  Please also pray for the children, for their healing, salvation, growth and that this process is rapidly and efficiently concluded.  Please also pray that they continue to learn English.

UNC-TV Coverage

Our good friends at are selling T-shirts and sweatshirts to help with our adoption expenses.  Our uncle Jim authored and donated some cool artwork for the effort.  There are several designs and you can mix and match back and front-pocket designs as well as numerous colors and sizes.  The folks at Homeschool Mania are donating all profits from sales of adoption branded clothing towards our adoptions, and 50% of all their other online profits towards supporting our adoption. Please check it out and consider purchasing some adoption clothing at:

Our adoption agency also accepts donations designated for our adoption effort.  The donations are tax deductible.  If you would like to make an online donation towards our adoptions, please go here and designate “Biller Family.”  Instructions for donating over the phone or by mail are here. Please make clear that you are making the donation for our adoption effort.

We have already been richly blessed in this journey on which God leads and provides for us.  Thank you for your interest, love and support.

God is Great!

5 thoughts on “Biller Family Adoption”

  1. I would love to follow your journey in your adoption. My sister and brother in law just completed their adoption of two children from Latvia. A long journey but very worthwhile. Their kids are doing great and picked up English very fast.

  2. Tony,

    This is amazing and wonderful! You are giving them a chance at having great lives and bright futures! Good luck to all of you.

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Six siblings, adopting the Biller family — and vice versa.